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I-PRO, formerly known as Panasonic I-PRO Sensing Solutions, is an internationally recognised leader in providing innovative technologies in public safety, intelligent surveillance and industrial and medical imaging.

With I-PRO, you have access to a wide range of products that guarantee unparalleled image quality and reliable performance in all conditions. Regardless of where you decide to install our cameras – whether in demanding industrial environments, changing weather conditions or public spaces – I-PRO offers tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Why do we recommend i-PRO?

Behavioural detection

Versatility of installation

Advanced image analysis

Highest data security standards

Resistance to external conditions

IK10 Vandal resistant

Highest level of cyber security

  • Password protected SD cards
  • Network Communication Encryption
  • 802. 1x Authentication 1x
  • 3rd party certificates
  • Secure/Encrypted protocol support

i-PRO Edge AI cameras

With powerful Edge AI processor at the edge, i-PRO network cameras can process advanced analytics locally and only send the lightweight results as metadata to the backend server

Computer vision chip architecture

Thanks to a partnership with SoC AI specialist Ambarella – the i-PRO network cameras feature advanced analytics technologies

i-PRO Active Guard​

Ii-PRO Active Guard is a time-saving search software that will help you to find out a specific objects quickly based on the metadata information from i-PRO Edge AI cameras

Edge AI Analytics

AI People/Vehicle/Face Detection

  • Possibility of detecting persons, vehicles and faces
  • Automatic upload of metadata and best shots to the server.
  • Full data compatibility with the i-PRO Active Guard system.
  • Facilitated search for events of interest using VMS systems, e.g. Genetec Security Center.

VMD-AI Counting

  • AI-VMD can identify between objects.
  • The cameras actively read the scenery and distinguish between cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and people.
  • Intelligent features offered by AI-VMD:
    • Line crossing detection/counting.
    • Scene change detection.
    • Directional detection.

AI Scene Change Detection

  • Based on artificial intelligence, enabling easy learning of the scene on the spot.
  • Sending alerts to security and operations teams when anomalies are detected in the camera’s field of view.
  • Ideal for monitoring left objects or illegal parking.

AI Sound Classification

  • Ability to detect suspicious sounds when the microphone is connected to i-PRO cameras:
    • Gunshots and screaming
    • Vehicle horns
    • Glass breaking

Product Reliability

IK10 Vandal resistant

All i-PRO outdoor cameras comply the IK10 rating or more, which provides protection from physical damage

Built-in heater (selected models)

Help to defrost snow or incicles on the camera even in extremaly cold regions

ClearSight Coating

Clear Sight coating enables to repel water drops on the dome cover in raining. This will provide you clear image in daytime and nighttime

High durability mechanism for PTZ cameras

Pan/Tilt gear drive mechanism allows i-PRO PTZ cameras to have longer life and more preciseness than a general belt-drive mechanism

Anti-Condensation System

A build-in dehumidifier system avoids a condensation on the dome cover

Salt damage resistant

Salt resistant models with special coating on the camera body and screws will work without a corrosion even in salt-air condition

i-PRO products

Wide range of network cameras
IP camera recorders
Accesories and software

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