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Security Center SynergisTM is an IP access control system that heightens your organization’s security, introduces you to non-proprietary hardware choices, and lets you go about your day knowing that your team is equipped to respond to any threat.
Genetec security center synergis

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Key benefits

Genetec security center synergis

Respond with confidence through unification

When you unify Synergis with video surveillance, intercom, and intrusion systems, you make a clearer, more timely decision compared to standalone systems.

Genetec security center synergis

Choose your hardware based on your needs

Unlike proprietary systems, Synergis allows you to choose the best access control hardware. From leading manufacturers of IP door controllers to wireless and PoE locks – the choice is yours.

Genetec security center synergis

Make your move to an adaptable access control system

Synergis offers the clearest path to an IP access control system that uses your network and existing access control infrastructure.

Genetec security center synergis

Move to a single card

Centrally manage all your cardholders and credentials, even between multiple independent systems. Automatically synchronize changes from one

Genetec security center synergis

Maintain less infrastructure and reduce your total cost of ownership

Deploy Synergis Cloud Link appliances at all sites and establish real-time connectivity to your main server, whether it resides on your premises or in the cloud.

Genetec security center synergis

Advanced cybersecurity at every level of your system

Advanced encryption and claims-based authentication ensures secure communications, protects your cardholders’ identities, and keeps the integrity of your system a priority.

Security that revolves around you

From single-building installations to complex multi-site deployments, Synergis is engineered to handle the needs of growing organizations. From managing cardholders and visitors, printing badges, and running investigations, Synergis will meet your everyday needs. Built-in failover options let you go about your day-to-day operations uninterrupted and with the confidence of knowing that your people and assets are protected during critical situations.

Genetec security center synergis

Whether you need to secure a multi-site facility or a small location, Synergis has the flexibility needed to adapt to your security environment.

Get a full-featured solution with embedded badge design,
cardholder and visitor management, advanced visual reporting, and more.

No matter their location, personnel can lock or unlock doors, review access control events,
and change threat levels through a suite of mobile and web apps.

Start your day with confidence

As part of the Security Center unified platform, Synergis allows you to heighten efficiency
and security by unifying your access control system with other security and business systems. Operators will have the tools to make informed and timely security and operation decisions with a unified approach to your security. Move away from independent systems that
were never designed to work together and take advantage of a unified view of all your security information.

Genetec security center synergis

Keep multiple tasks open at the same time,
allowing operators to see and do more.
Monitor video, search archives, and pull reports,
all at the same time.

Verify cardholder pictures against live
or recorded video associated
to access control events for every door within
any monitoring
or reporting task.

Efficiently monitor and manage all your sites
with interactive maps
that provide a dynamic view of all security devices,
and system statuses.

Capture timely insights into your day-to-day
operations and view the flow of people
within your premises without the need
for heavy spreadsheets.

Choose your deployment and purchase options

Select how you own, deploy and maintain your access control system

 Whether your system is deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or somewhere in between, Synergis delivers a steady flow of innovation that provides ongoing value to help you focus on your business. You choose whether you pay upfront or on a termed basis bringing flexibility to your budget with Synergis SaaS edition.

Genetec security center synergis

Fully hosted

The Synergis SaaS edition is an Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) that lets you move your system entirely to the cloud, simplifying the deployment and maintenance of an enterprise-class system. Choose between monthly or yearly payments and reduce your infrastructure management.

Genetec security center synergis


If you’re not ready to fully transition to the cloud, the Synergis SaaS edition lets you deploy some or all of your system on-premises and enhances your security with value-added services in the cloud.

Genetec security center synergis


For many years, Synergis has been deployed on-premises. With all your infrastructure in your possession, you can either subscribe to the service or pay entirely in advance.

Genetec security center synergis

An appliance for either option

The Synergis Cloud Link appliance reliably and securely connects your existing on-premises controllers, modules, and electronic locks to either the cloud or to your main access control server on-premises.

Synergis key features

Complete access control features for your day-to-day operations

Quickly change the behavior
of your security system in response to changing security conditions and potential threats. Pre-built threat levels can be built based on your corporate security policies.

Synchronize cardholders, cardholder groups, credentials, and badge templates across multiple independent Synergis systems through multi- server synchronization.

Modernize your approach to visitor management and become more efficient by enrolling visitors in Synergis, assigning physical access rights, and tracking their movements with ease.

Issue cardholder and visitor ID badges so that your staff can easily identify those who should and should not have access to your facilities. With advanced card request workflow, you determine who can create, view, and print badges.

Better visualize and manage your security environment by dynamically navigating through facilities
and managing a greater number of doors, cameras, intrusion areas, and other security devices.

Count on the availability of your access control system to run reports or make access changes whenever you need them. Get ease of mind with built-in failover and redundancy mechanisms that protect against
hardware failure or network interruptions.

sync Synchronize your Windows users
with Security Center users and
cardholders. Adding Windows users in AD will automatically create Security Center users and cardholders along with their groups, credentials, and custom fields.

Effectively manage elevator traffic based on cardholder’s assigned access and schedules in Synergis. Optimize your building operations through orderly travel of cardholders.

Facilitate centralized monitoring, reporting,
and alarm management across multiple independent sites by synchronizing door entities and related events and alarms between sites in real time.

Ensure that your servers, communications, and devices are secured with the latest cryptographic protocols so that your access control system is protected against emerging cyber threats.

Comprehensive feature list

  • Cardholder management with advanced filtering options to quickly locate, assign minimum security clearances
  • Badge issuance workflow and activity trails to issue credentials, request badge screening
    and more.
  • Visitor Management with check-in/out process, print badge or paper credentials and visitor escort mode
  • Elevator control without PLCs (Destination dispatch integrations available)
  • Mobile credentials supported: assign mobile credentials to cardholders through a workflow. Integration to HID Mobile Access portal
  • License plate as a credential
  • People counting for mustering
  • Antipassback (Soft, hard, on schedule, forgive APB)
  • Threat level management First-Person-In rule
  • for triggering unlock schedules
  • First-Person-In rule for activating access rights
  • Two-Person rule
  • Visitor Escort mode
  • Duress PIN support
  • Synergis Cloud Link supporting:
    ·· HID VertX interface modules: V100, V200, V300
    ·· Mercury EP and LP controllers ·
    · Assa Abloy WiFi, PoE, and Aperio locks ·
    · Salto SALLIS wireless locks (SVN plugin available) ·
    · Allegion Schlage AD-Series, LE and NDE Locks
    (through Mercury EP Panels) ·
    · SimonsVoss SmartIntego Locks (through Mercury EP Panels) ·
    · Axis A1001 Network Door Controller ·
    · OSDP-enabled readers over RS-485
  • HID Vertx and Edge EVO controllers
  • supported Morpho and Suprema biometric readers through plugin
  • Unified access control and video
    in one software package
  • State of the art task-based interface
  • Cardholder verification and additional info in display tile
  • Unified alarm management (access, video, intrusion)
  • Embedded reporting engine
  • View access control events and alarms through graphs
    and charts.
  • Customizable reports without
    third party tool needed
  • Activity and Configuration reports
  • xport reports to CSV, EXCEL, and PDF
  • Automatically email reports to specific users
  • Time and attendance and
    area presence reporting
  • Advanced distributed architecture to manage multiple sites
    reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Centralized cardholder management and syncs between independent sites
  • Global reporting and monitoring of independent sites through FederationTM
  • Configurable user-access privileges
  • Secure remote access capabilities
  • Secure protocols and communications from card to software
  • Password protected export
  • Authenticated user logins
  • Supervised login procedures
  • Native Access Manager and
    Directory failover
  • Failover and redundant archiving
    (hot-standby to minimize downtime)
  • Windows clustering supported
  • Virtualization support
  • Distributed architecture
  • Peer-to-peer communications across Synergis Cloud Link
    appliances for Global IO linking and antipassback
  • Copy configuration
  • Silent installation for mass deployment and upgrades
  • Auto-discovery of access control devices
  • Bulk Import of cardholders, credentials and custom fields
  • Centralized multi-device firmware upgrade

Security Center Synergis editions

Synergis access control software is available in a variety of packages
designed to fit the size and needs of your security applications. You can easily
modify your package with a simple license update as your requirements evolve.

Package overview


  • Maximum number of readers 64
  • Maximum number of monitoring clients (5 included) 5
  • Badge designer and custom fields
  • Alarm management
  • Dynamic graphical maps
  • Custom reports and email notifications
  • Virtualization support
  • Built-in Access Manager failover


  • Maximum number of readers - 256
  • Maximum number of monitoring clients (5 included) - 10
  • Badge designer and custom fields
  • Alarm management
  • Dynamic graphical maps
  • Custom reports and email notifications
  • Virtualization support
  • Built-in Access Manager failover
  • Optional - Threat level management
  • Optional - Microsoft Active Directory – cardholders and users


  • Maximum number of readers - no limit
  • Maximum number of monitoring clients (5 included) - no limit
  • Badge designer and custom fields
  • Alarm management
  • Dynamic graphical maps
  • Custom reports and email notifications
  • Virtualization support
  • Built-in Access Manager failover
  • Built-in Access Manager failover
  • Optional - Threat level management
  • Optional - Microsoft Active Directory – cardholders and users
  • Optional - Global cardholder management and Federation*


  • Maximum number of readers - no limit
  • Maximum number of monitoring clients (5 included) - no limit
  • Badge designer and custom fields
  • Alarm management
  • Dynamic graphical maps
  • Custom reports and email notifications
  • Virtualization support
  • Visitor management
  • Threat level management
  • Microsoft Active Directory – cardholders and users
  • Microsoft Active Directory – cardholders and users**
  • Global cardholder management and Federation*

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