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The European leader
in contactless identification

STID Polska

France’s leading specialist

As France’s leading specialist in contactless identification, STid has developed a wide range of access control solutions that combine High Security and simple integration. We work with businesses, industries and governments worldwide to protect their sensitive data, goods, teams and assets.

STID Polska

A High Level of Security

STid manufactures readers, tags, antennas and software, all developed using contactless identification solutions RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® Smart technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our understanding of manufacturing processes and specialized know-how in cryptography has made us experts in designing high security solutions.


Architect® Blue / STid Mobile ID® readers

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Innovative STid

The perfect blend of high security and upgradability. Every now and again, things come along that completely transform our way of thinking, creating new benchmarks and challenging our well-worn concepts. With its range of innovative Architect® readers, STid has created the perfect blend of high security and upgradability. This is the first modularrange of secure RFID, NFC (HCE) and Bluetooth® readers offering both flexibility and simplicity.

STiD Products

The Architect® series

The Architect® series is intuitive and dynamic, and consists of 6 interchangeable modules that can easily be connected to a smart RFID core (optional Bluetooth®). The concept can be tailored to your needs, offering the optimum solution for any situation and ensuring that all functionalities and security levels can be upgraded across all your readers. This easy and cost saving modular approach lets you manage the security of your access points autonomously. The concept offers a greater degree of availability and services, while optimizing your inventory by reducing the number of parts needed by 40%.

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STiD Security Products

Mobile ID readers

Architect® Blue / STid Mobile ID® readers

STid offers a comprehensive range of scalable and high security readers, combining RFID MIFARE® DESFire® EV2, NFC (HCE) and Bluetooth® (Low Energy) technologies for all your mobile access control applications using smartphones.

High security readers

High security readers (WAL, Architect®, interfaces)

STid offers a wide range of upgradable readers and smart interfaces, compliant with all the RFID MIFARE® chips (Ultralight®, Classic, Plus, DESFire® EV1 & EV2, etc.) and NFC (HCE) mobile technologies. The readers are well suited for all your high Security access control applications.

ATEX IECEx certified readers

ATEX & IECEx certified readers

STid offers a wide range of ATEX & IECEx certified proximity or long range readers, for all your applications in explosive environments: high security access control, vehicle identification, fleet management… The Ex II 2 GD IP66 explosion-proof readers are well suited to the chemical or petrochemical industries, refineries, nuclear power plants, distilleries, mines… Several reader versions are available: 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz MIFARE® or LEGIC®, UHF internal or external antenna(s).

Hands-free vehicle access

Hands-free & vehicle access

STid provides a full range of UHF EPC1 GEN2 long range readers and credentials. They are specially designed for all your hands-free, driver and vehicle identification and fleet management applications.