High performance autonomous infrared barrier


Long range wireless active infrared barrier

The installation of infrared barriers usually requires at least a minimum of civil engineering and cabling to power up and connect the overall system. The SOLARIS barriers are a unique solution to avoid these constrains.

the highest reliability

Fully independent

Powered by a solar panel and an integrated battery, each SOLARIS barrieris fully independent. The battery guarantees an excellent system autonomy(more than 1 month without solar energy) and operating temperatures of – 35°C to +70°C.

A secured radio mesh connects all the SOLARIS columns to transmit alarm information reliably and efficiently. This technology enables alarm information to take several paths simultaneously to reach the radio coordinator connected to the intrusion system, and thus ensure a high level of security. To reinforce the security of the information, a “watchdog” function surveys the correct functioning of the network.


High level of security


At up to 3m high and 20 detection beams,the maximum range between two Solaris columnis 100m, even under rain and heavy fog. All-weather operation is also ensured by anti-condensation and anti-frost caps that mechanically prevent condensation and frost from building up on the column housing.

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