What’s new in Sipelia 2.13?

The latest update of our communications management system offers performance enhancements and allows users to make and receive SIP calls from any location.
What's new in Sipelia 2.13

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Take calls on the go

With operators having a secure connection between Security Center and their mobile devices, they can interact with their security cameras, access control devices, Genetec Mission Control™ incidents, and automatic license plate recognition units.

Sipelia™ 2.13 now allows guards to handle calls from SIP devices like intercoms, or other operators. Take your smartphone or tablet directly to the location of an incident and collaborate with your colleagues using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology on your Android or iOS device. With Sipelia now enabled within the Genetec Mobile app, your mobile phone will ring and notify you like a normal call. The best part? You’ll also have the advantage of having your Security Center system in the palm of your hands.

Adding public address messages to the event-to-action list

Automating the Sipelia public address has been possible since version 2.10 through Genetec Mission Control™ or a macro. However, if you don’t have Mission Control or if you’re unfamiliar with how macros work, you can conveniently configure launching a public address (PA) message with an event-to-action. This will help you save time on configuration when you need to play a message our announcement based on an alarm, video analytics event, an access control event, or any other event listed in Security Center.

Continuous performance improvements

The latest version of Sipelia will be adding the Opus audio codec to allow for better audio quality across the network for devices that support this codec. In addition, multicast support will be added to help increase the number of speakers and SIP devices during a public address announcement. With the continuous improvement of database functionalities, you will now see the option to encrypt the Sipelia database.

As Sipelia continues to evolve, enhancements and innovations will continue to be added.

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