3 reasons why you should upgrade to Security Center 5.11

Genetec Security Center 5.11 is now available! Learn about the power of unification in latest release along with the features available in the base package, and why it’s worth upgrading.

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Unifying video management and access control, along with automatic license plate recognition, intercoms, and other functions reduces costs and training.

If your organization is thinking of moving towards unified security, you’re not alone Genetec’s 2021 State of Physical Security Report shows that the percentage of end users using a unified system increased from 31% in 2020 to 36% in 2021. By unifying their systems, organizations are experiencing quicker evidence and information gathering, faster response times, and better event detection.

A full-fledged platform right out-of-the-box

With Security Center 5.11, we’re building unification back into the base offering of Security Center. While customers will be able to pick and choose which modules and products they’d like to implement, every Security Center system will be delivered as a fully unified system.

This eliminates any entry barrier if you’re looking to jump from using a singular core module to becoming unified—all you need is to start adding connections.

For example, in the past, your organization might have purchased a Security Center Omnicast™ video surveillance base license to monitor your office building using ten cameras. You may or may not want to add additional features based on your needs. If you decided to add access control to your system, you would have needed to purchase a new base license for Security Center Synergis™ and the connections or number of doors to begin the process.

Now with Security Center 5.11, your organization would simply need to add the number of reader connections to start using your access control system right away. You can also choose to add intrusion monitoring by easily adding an intrusion panel to the system without any additional base licenses.

A solution you can build on

After surveying customers who use Security Center, our physical security platform, we found out that customers truly take advantage of unification. Over 84% responded that unification reduces time spent reacting to alarms and dispatching resources. It also reduces their need to go back and forth between applications. Thanks to unification, respondents expressed being able to leverage data-driven insights and minimize operator training.

To get maximal value out of your unified system, we now include features such as:

  • dynamic maps;
  • video analytics;
  • active directory;
  • threat level management.


The goal was to give you a robust solution that you just need to build on. Once you’ve added your device connections, you simply need to configure these functionalities. This also offers you the opportunity to test things out before implementing new features
and get a feel for which parts of the system you need to be effective at your job.

A unified view of all your data sources

The latest release of Security Center 5.11.1 also brings in new unification and reporting capabilities. Get access to the critical role-based information you need directly in the Genetec Web App.

With the new unified report task in the Genetec Web App, you can run reports across your entire system within one interface, no matter what information you’re looking for. You can now run a report by quickly filtering through what you’re interested in, where you’re looking at, and by time of interest. Easy!


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